Bulk SMS service in India at Lowest Cost

Aim Softech introducing bulk sms service in India at lowest cost. Bulk Sms service helps to expend the business. Promotion trough bulk sms service is a strong way to inform new, updates, activity, promotions, from your business direct to the right customers. Through Bulk SMS service you can save big amount of advertising programs, and improve the marketing. SMS marketing is the best idea to reach a huge number of customers, to increase opportunities to achieve the goal successfully.

Bulk SMS Service
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Promotional Account 
Transactional Account
These types of messages are used for promotion of product or brand. We offer promotional sms service at very cheap rate that is 9 paisa/ SMS. This SMS service is available for 9 am to 9 pm which is restricted for DND numbers.
These types of massages are used for information about transaction status. For an instant massage received from Bank, or E-shop, etc… the rate of such sms is 10 paisa/ SMS.With 6 digit sender id, it is available 24×7, DND numbers also.


We are providing Bulk SMS service for:

  • Educational Institutes/ School/ Colleges
  • Educational consultancies
  • Retail outlets
  • Promotional SMS
  • Building customer database
  • Transactional SMS
  • Travel & tourism
  • Real estate
  • Automobile industry
  • Stock market companies
  • IT & ITES Service companies

Bulk SMS service for promotional SMS

Promotional really sms works, suppose you have to buy a mobile, and you go to market to buy a mobile of Rs. 20,000.00, you purchase it. but if you get a promotional sms that purchase mobile with 15% discount. Then what option will you choose? Obvious with 15% discount, so promo sms really works.

Bulk SMS service for building customer database

We provide tool to build & organize customer without any security issue.

Our Bulk SMS Services Uses

For Travel & Tourism

  • Booking sms to the customers
  • Tour date information.
  • Discount offers.

For Club & Society

  • Membership reminders/ updates
  • Events.
  • Elections etc…

For Real Estate

  • Installment reminder.
  • Rent/ overdue reminder.
  • New Launch.

Bulk SMS service for automobile industry

  • Service reminder.
  • confirmation alert.
  • Tips
  • New upcoming launches/ test drive
  • Insurance reminder etc…
  • Festival greetings.

Bulk SMS service for stock market companies

  • Transaction detail.
  • Advice & tips.
  • Market watch.
  • Policy & impacts of govt.
  • promotional companies.
  • Market updates.

For Educational Institutes

  • Send exam information
  • Results to parents
  • Performance updates
  • Fee/ Pending payment
  • Attendance information
  • Announcement
  • Important alerts to teachers
  • Course details
  • Admission details
  • Fee reminder
  • Interview notification

Bulk SMS service for retail outlets

  • Thanking SMS on purchase.
  • Update of sales/ offers/ promos.
  • Status of delivery/ purchase etc.
  • Greeting/ Wishes/ birthday etc…
  • Announcing news offers/ new arrivals/ change of location.
  • Conducting SMS based survey with the customers.

Bulk SMS service for transactions

  • Pending outstanding.
  • Information for customer detail.
  • Notification to the customer on successful transactions.
  • Information by airlines, railways or authorized agencies to its customers regarding schedule, ticket booking information.
  • E-commerce agencies for ecommerce transactions by the customers.