Why Page Speed Service & Website Speed Optimization?

Google and many other search engines already have taken page loading speed as a constituent of a search engine optimization process. And additionally, Google released an add-on in Firefox such as Firebug which helps in page loading. So it’s obvious that how much importance Google gives to page loading. And now a day’s page speed can even affect your website’s popularity among users.

Now you may think page speed service must be a complex process.

Not really, only if you are a coding expert. But don’t worry if you are not, this is where we can help you. We will accomplish this task very effectively.

Improve Page Speed without Changing Look and Feel of Your Website- Aim Softech’s Exceptionally Unique Page Speed Service.

Key Features

No need to change the design

No need to change the content

No need to change the placement

Top Feature of Page Speed Service

Cut down the HTTP requests to your server.

We will cut down the HTTP requests to your server by combining files, making use of image maps and CSS sprite. This will reduce the downloading time of your website.

Content delivery network.

Our efficient content delivery network will disperse your website content according to the geographical region. It will increase the page speed very effectively.

Style sheet and JavaScript compression.

We will compress your webpage style sheet using a GZip tool which will help to reduce the weight of page.  By keeping JavaScript and CSS in an external file as combined, the number of requests sends to server while opening a page will reduce.

Reduce Page size.

Our coding experts will find out unnecessary codes and tags in your webpage and will permanently delete that. There by page size will decease and page speed will increase.

Quick AJAX files caching.

We will make your webpage quick AJAX files caching and instantaneously deliver content.


Top Benefits

We will optimize your webpage speed according to the speed score given by Google.

No need to change your website design, content, look or feel.

Our coding experts will reduce your page size and permanently delete unwanted codes.

A better page speed score is equal to a better search engine ranking.

Aim Softech offers this unique service in a very competitive price.

What you require before ordering page speed service?

We need some details of your website regarding FTP/CPanel.

Why do I need to increase my website speed?

A webpage with better loading time will increase the user activity and page views. It will even help you to rank better in search engines.

How you will increase my website loading time?

There are a number ways to improve website loading time. HTML Caching, Combining JavaScript and CSS files, Reducing page size, etc. We house many coding experts and they will do it for you.

Does a higher page speed website get better search engine ranking?

Yes, with the latest algorithms many premier search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing already took page speed as a criterion in ranking. So if your website is competitive in page speed with others, then you can expect a better ranking and visibility in all search engines.

Am I required to make changes in my server?

Yes, you have to change some stuffs in your server. Don’t worry we will give you step by step instruction.